Ongoing Humanitarian Relief Efforts

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Responding to the May 12th Earthquake in Southwest China There are many organizations that Unitarian Universalists can reliably provide donations to for humanitarian relief efforts in China: The Red Cross may be in a unique position to be helpful since they often have well-established cooperative relationships with governments. Donations can be made online. UNICEF has also issued a call for donations for Earthquake relief. Oxfam-UK is also already working on the ground in China. They are receiving online donations as well. The same is true for Mercy Corps. The "Charity Navigator" status of these organizations may help you or your congregation choose among these organizations. Finally, many UU congregations have well-established relationships with Church World Service (either through participation in their annual CROP walk or through other programs). Church World Service is responding directly to Earthquake by partnering with the Amity Foundation. Along with online donations, they are providing bulletin inserts and other information for churches. A more comprehensive list of organizations responding to the Earthquake is available from InterAction.
Reuters reports on the Earthquake in Southwest China
Cyclone Nargis Update Unitarian Universalists have responded generously to the UUSC-UUA Cyclone Nargis Relief Fund. On May 16th donations of nearly $50,000 had been received. Thank you for putting your faith into action by responding to this terrible disaster. The barriers and complications created by the government of Myanmar have not prevented the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee from providing support to Burmese relief agencies. Most recently the UUSC financially supported an indigenous organization that is providing water, food, shelter and medical care to 6 severely effected townships that are too remote to access relief camps. UUSC relationships with other indigenous groups engaged in relief efforts are ongoing. For up to date information, please visit the UUSC on the web. Sky News reports on Cyclone relief efforts in Burma

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