Hiroshima Day 2011

By Nicole McConvery

That fateful summer, 8:15. The roar of a B-29 breaks the morning calm. A parachute opens in the blue sky. Then suddenly, a flash, an enormous blast—silence—hell on Earth...
August 6th marks the 66th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. The UUA's International Office has a helpful resource page with interfaith and Unitarian Universaslist (UU) resources available for congregations that plan to hold a worship service or other commemorative event. Hiroshima Day Events in Washington D.C. Hiroshima Commemoration: Fri-Sun., Aug. 5-7. The All Souls Hiroshima Children's Drawing Committee is planning several events to commemorate this year's Hiroshima Day. On Friday, August 5, we invite All Souls members, friends and other local UU Congregations to gather with us at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool at 7 pm with the Hiroshima/Nagasaki Peace Committee. The Hiroshima/Nagasaki Peace Committee sponsors an annual remembrance on the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The exact time that day that the bomb detonated over Hiroshima is 7:15 pm EDT. On Sunday, August 7, Rev. Newman will dedicate the service to this peace remembrance, and Tad Daley, author of the critically acclaimed Apocalypse Never, will be the speaker. Following the service the author will lead a conversation answer questions, and sign books. Visit www.all-souls.org for more information.