Dr. Judit Gellérd Visits the UUA

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On Tuesday October 27th, the UUA welcomed Dr. Judit Gellérd, founder and honorary president of the Unitarian Universalist partner church program, to lead the morning chapel service.
With a spirited and lively sermon, Judit explored "Transylvanian Unitarianism's Historic Dilemma," a timely reflection as the twentieth anniversary of the partnership movement approaches:
The Unitarian story in 16th century Transylvania began with a dramatic existential dilemma, solved with a scandalous sacrifice - in order that faith and our institution could survive. A new scholarly work challenges our old understanding of our history's beginnings. It also compels us to reflect on our responsibilities today to protect our institutions of genuine freedom and democracy from erosion - not by muting the prophetic voice but by finding and walking a middle way in our polarized and spirit-eroding world.
A video of the sermon is available online for free viewing.
Physician, musician and Unitarian minister, Judit hails from Transylvania, the daughter of a Hungarian Unitarian minister martyred by Communist persecutions. Graduating from Boston University's School of Theology in 2002, she studied with Nobel Peace laureate Elie Wiese, writing Prisoner of Liberté under his guidance.
In addition to editing the recently released tome "Ferenc Dávid," the 26th and final volume of the series Bibliotheca Dissidentium, Judit has also just completed her memoirs. Visit the Center for Free Religion's website to read some of Judit's papers, articles, and sermons.
October 2009: Transylvanian Unitarianism's Historic Dilemma

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