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A Call to Action for the Australia & New Zealand Unitarian Universalist Association

At the 2017 conference for the Australia and New Zealand Unitarian Universalist Association (ANZUUA), the new ANZUUA president Rev. Rob MacPherson issued a challenge to member organizations in the region. His keynote address challenges member organizations to grow.

"Tomorrow" - address by Rob MacPherson at the service for the 2017 ANZUUA conference in Adelaide, Australia.

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The slide presentation referred to in the video is not visible but includes the following questions:

  1. Will small and struggling be the new default?
  2. What would churches that buck this trend look like?
  3. Can online engagement replace physical co-presence?
  4. To what degree will online engagement impede community building?
  5. With decreasing attendance/affiliation/membership, what happens to evangelism, pastoral care, discipleship, RE (religious education)?
  6. What is the future of professional ministry?