International Unitarian Universalism

Support for Ukrainian Refugees

Photo of the Ukrainian flag with white text reading "Support for Ukrainian Refugees"

As the situation in Ukraine unfolds, we in the International Office echo the messages shared by UUSC’s president the Rev. Mary Katherine Morn and by the Rev. Ashley Horan of the UUA’s Organizing Strategy Team.

We invite congregations to support the Hungarian Unitarian Church directly (PDF) in its effort to care for refugees as well as consider supporting the UUSC Emergency Relief Fund for Ukraine Response and the International Women’s Convocation’s Faithify Campaign.

In the days to come, we will continue to offer updates on how you can contribute to humanitarian efforts.

After months of military build-up on the border, in late February Russia began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, sparking a massive exodus of refugees and thousands of Ukrainian military and civilian casualties. Since the war started, the United Nations has called for peace, Russian withdrawal, increased humanitarian aid inside Ukraine, and support for refugees fleeing. Meanwhile, Russia - holding a permanent seat on the UN Security Council - has sought to block global action. Bruce Knotts, director of the UUA Office at the UN, recently wrote in UU World about Russia's actions at the UN and especially in the Security Council. In the past week, the UN's more democratic body, the General Assembly, has convened to take a more active role in working towards peace and security - normally the role of the Security Council, which is currently blocked from action by the Russian Federation's veto. As Unitarian Universalists, we recognize the invasion of Ukraine as a manifestation of imperial aggression. Let us unite in solidarity with the Ukrainian people as part of our ongoing efforts to seek liberation for all and to dismantle oppression in all its forms.

Follow news from the UN about the conflict in Ukraine, refugee crisis, and global responses.