Tools for Strengthening the Covenant of Care that Binds Us

How Do We Reaffirm That We Must Lead From the Covenant of Care That Binds Us?

UUA staff, the Commission on Institutional Change, and Unitarian Universalist professional organizations and identity groups offer these tools for congregational conversations for liberation, undergirded by this third of three core commitments.

Beloved Conversations

Long term small group ministry program, provided by Fahs Collaborative at Meadville Lombard Theological School, 2017

Using a small-group ministry format, Beloved Conversations offers participants a chance to rediscover the sacred and important presence of compassion, grace, risk-taking, vulnerability, and the healing joy when cross-racial relationships are reconciled. Also offers real-time faith formation resources explicitly for people of color and organizational support for making institutional change.

Stopping Harm, Restoring Relationship

Printable flyer from Fahs Collaborative, Meadville Lombard Theological School

Printable flyer with tips for how white people can avoid and interrupt racial microaggressions and suggested practices for people of color to maintain resilience and audacious hope.

Dreaming Accountability, by Mia Mingus

Blog post from May 5, 2019, provided by the UUMA

Thought-provoking blog post that incorporates reflection questions, including: What if our own accountability wasn’t something we ran from, but something we ran towards and desired, appreciated, held as sacred? What if we cherished opportunities to take accountability as precious opportunities to practice liberation? To practice love?

Restorative Practices - A Short Introduction

Restorative Justice Communication Guidelines

Restorative Circle Process Facilitator Script

Provided by the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)

Restorative Justice fact sheet, guidelines, and facilitator script to support repair practices after covenant has been broken

2017 General Assembly Beloved Conversations PanelVideo recording - 17 minutes, 42 seconds

People talking at GA 2014

Not for Ourselves Alone Theological Essays on Relationship

By Laurel Hallman, Burton D. Carley

From Skinner House Books

Twelve essayists encourage a shift in Unitarian Universalism from individualism to connectedness. Shows how we can grow our souls through our relationships with one another and with the Holy. Includes exercises for use in small groups.

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