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The goal of the Unitarian Universalist (UU) brand identity is to create shared strategies to promote Unitarian Universalism. The more UU congregations, groups and individuals who participate in the brand identity, the louder our voices can become. Imagine a day when lengthy explanations and “elevator speeches” about Unitarian Universalism aren’t necessary anymore because our faith is known far and wide as a force for good in the world. The brand identity answers the call for growth visibility that thousands of UUs articulated in the 2012 Gathered Here report, and offers a unified look and feel that embodies the core values of boldness, compassion and reverence.

Download the UU Brand Identity guidelines (PDF) for how local congregations can use images, text, colors and design elements in a shared approach to communicate our core values.

Logo Symbol

As a unifying element, the logo is recognized as distinctively UU. It is used for official communications, but can also be adapted as a design element. The logo should always be clear and legible when it is used.

These various file formats provide the best possible logo reproduction for any foreseeable applications. Please use these materials rather than scanning or photocopying from printed materials, which would reduce the quality of the result.

Vector (EPS) files are good for graphics editors and require image-editing software. TIF files are good for use in publishing software like Microsoft Word. Right-click or Ctrl-click on the links to get an option to "Save Target As...." (or similar) to download any of the following files.

  1. Gradient Version (preview) (red shading to orange)

  2. Solid Red Version (preview)
  3. Solid Black Version (preview)
  4. Solid White Version (preview) (for overlaying on color background; invisible against a white background)
  5. Reversed Red Version (preview)
  6. Reversed Black Version (preview)
  7. Rainbow Version (preview)


The recommended font is Helvetica Neue, a clear, crisp and accessible typeface. It is part of the standard suite of fonts included on Mac computers but is not generally found on Windows machines. It can be purchased from a font foundry (Adobe, Linotype, etc.). If that font is unavailable, the recommended font is Helvetica or Arial.

Our color palette is presented in Pantone; Red, Blue, and Green (RGB); Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK); and web codes (Hex). Use a color conversion chart if you need the colors in other formats.

Colors and Design Elements

The palette is strong, warm, and joyful, with colors that work well together. It includes the yellow used by the Side with Love campaign.

Colors for Graphical Use

Color Pantone RGB CMYK Hex
Red 1925 C/U 238 46 90 0 95 52 0 #ee2e5a
Maroon 7427 C 171 27 66 24 100 67.5 13.5 #ab1b42
Gray 425 C/U 88 89 91 0 0 0 80 #58595b
Black 419 C/U 35 31 32 50 0 0 100 #231F20
Cream 607 C/U 255 251 211 0 0 21 0 #fffbd3
Green 376 C/U 160 195 59 43 5 100 0 #a0c33b
Yellow 130 C/U 254 190 16 0 27 100 0 #febe10
Pink Rubine Red C/U 227 11 124 4 100 15.5 0 #e30b7c
Aqua 632 C/U 0 172 205 100 0 20 0 #00accd
Blue 5265 C/U 60 58 115 74 72 0 40 #3c3a73

Colors for Text

Use only these approved colors for text, both in print and on the web, to ensure text is widely accessible.

Color Pantone RGB CMYK Hex
Maroon 7427 C 171 27 66 24 100 67.5 13.5 #ab1b42
Gray 425 C/U 88 89 91 0 0 0 80 #58595b
Black 419 C/U 35 31 32 50 0 0 100 #231F20

Color Stripe

An element that represents the diversity that grounds our faith, the color stripe can be used in creative ways and is made up of shades from the color palette.

  1. Color Stripe (preview)


  1. Pattern 1 (preview)
  2. Pattern 2 (preview)
  3. Pattern 3 (preview)

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