CER Changes in 2024

By Sunshine Jeremiah Wolfe

Rev. Sunshine Jeremiah Wolfe is announcing that they will be leaving the Central East Region on July 1 to move to the Pacific Western Region as their Regional Lead. Hear what they have to say about this move.

Starting July 1 Rev. Elaine Strawn will be joining the Central East Team on a temporary basis, covering the majority of congregations that Sunshine has been supporting. Welcome, Elaine! Watch this space for an introduction coming soon; we'll be sending letters to her congregations with detailed contact information in the last week of June. Elaine will work with CER until the permanent replacement has been hired, hopefully in the fall. Interested in applying? See the job description on the UUA website.

About the Author

Sunshine Jeremiah Wolfe

Rev. Sunshine J. Wolfe is Congregational Field Staff for the Central East Region serving congregations in western Pennsylvania and across Ohio. Ghe hails originally from Indiana where ghe learned to sing, dance, and cause trouble- the social justice kind. Ghe is currently a member of TRUUsT...

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