Living Our 7th Principle - Earth Day Meditation
Living Our 7th Principle - Earth Day Meditation

I recently had the pleasure of participating in an online earth day meditation presented by The Master Shift. The group’s purpose is to unite the world through global meditation and positive living. In the earth day meditation, the soothing voice of Julian Lennon guides you through an amazingly beautiful, relaxing journey of colors, vision and love of mother earth and all her children. The incredible sound effects of nature and music add to the intensity of the meditation making you feel the connection to earth’s nourishing energy and making you feel alive!

This is a very moving meditation as Julian’s melodic vocal tones direct you to envision yourself as a firmly planted tree with the sensation of roots digging outward and deep into the soil grounding yourself with mother earth. Branches burst through to the heavens and take you through the life cycle of the tree. You have purpose!

You are then guided to transfer your energy into a bird to gain the bird’s eye perspective of earth as you soar through the air and into the sky. Your feathers pick up different colors as you scan the surroundings and the magnificent views while making different observations before returning back to your human form. You are encouraged to think about the following when seeing the different colors in relation to the earth.

  • Red—air is clean
  • Orange—technological advances in harmony with earth
  • Yellow—clean organic food
  • Green—plant a tree
  • Blue—clean, clear blue water
  • Indigo—reminder to do something kind for someone
  • Violet—reaching apex of who you are - What does your heart say? Follow it.

You can’t help but come away from this meditation with a greater understanding of your place on this big blue planet and a strong urge to do anything within your power to help keep her in balance. There is no denying the intimate connection to our home.

The earth day meditation is available free.

Sue Tabone, Administrator
St. Lawrence District

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