1983 General Resolution

WHEREAS, any use of nuclear weapons is likely to touch off a holocaust in which the continuance of all human life would be put at risk; and

WHEREAS, nuclear arms race negotiations to date have produced rules for ever increasing escalation and proliferation of the production of nuclear weapons; and

WHEREAS, the extinction of the human race by nuclear war will not be prevented unless we, the ordinary citizens of this planet, accept responsibility for halting and reversing the nuclear arms race to omnicide; and

WHEREAS, placing the arms race issue on the ballot in Canada and the United States has engaged the people and their leaders in unprecedented national debate on the means for halting and reversing the arms race;

THEREFORE: We, the citizens of the Earth, call on the United Nations, our respective governments, and leaders in every field of endeavor to support three steps to prevent nuclear war and leading to balanced world disarmament:

  1. A USA-USSR bilateral freeze on the testing, production and deployment of all nuclear weapons and systems for their delivery by means that are verifiable by both super powers and the United Nations as the first step of a balanced program of universal, general disarmament;
  2. A worldwide referendum on the above proposal using a ballot wording established by the United Nations General Assembly and to be conducted in each nation by its own government (or private institutions) by a date specified;
  3. A worldwide education campaign preceding the referendum on the dangers of nuclear war occurring, the consequences of nuclear war and the present arms race, and proposals for the prevention of nuclear war and the reversal of the arms race.

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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