1966 General Resolution

REAFFIRMING the intent of its 1964 resolution urging "the United States to reconsider its policy in Vietnam and to explore solutions other than military," the Unitarian Universalist Association:

NOTES again that the present war in Vietnam threatens to escalate into a world nuclear war;

URGES the government of the United States to make full and continuing use of the office of the Secretary General of the United Nations to secure and maintain a cease-fire and peace in Vietnam;

URGES the government of the United States to negotiate with any and all principals in the conflict, including the National Liberation Front, in seeking a cease-fire, the holding of internationally-supervised free elections, and in aiding in the formation of a representative government of South Vietnam; and

TRANSMITS to the President and the Congress its continued deep concern for an immediate peace in Vietnam.

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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