1975 Business Resolution

WHEREAS, the work of the UU Migrant Ministry has been the subject of many favorable resolutions at the General Assemblies for at least 10 years; and

WHEREAS, this is the critical year for the work of the UU Migrant Ministry; and

WHEREAS, the Fund for Racial Justice from which monies for this work have been allocated in the past has not been placed in a position to be funded this year;

BE IT RESOLVED: That the UUA Board be urged to include in the Grants Section of the 1975-76 UUA Budget an item of $14,500 for the UU Migrant Ministry. This item is requested to be included as the final item in the Group I division of the Grants Section, below the item "District Programs"; it is further requested that there be a reduction of the item "Sharing in Growth Program" by $4,500 and a reduction of the item "Publicity and Television/Radio" by $10,000.

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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