1984 Business Resolution

WHEREAS, the city has been historically and at the present time is the center of culture, education, finances and population; and

WHEREAS, the health of cities affects not only the residents of the urban area, but also involves the health and welfare of the United States and Canada as a whole;

BE IT RESOLVED: That the 1984 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association recognizes the urgency of the urban crisis as a major social problem of our time by:

  1. Urging the governments to develop a coherent urban policy which focuses on urban distress by developing programs which include jobs for all, affordable decent shelter for all, adequate health care, justice in the welfare system, and safe and secure urban neighborhoods; and
  2. Requesting Unitarian Universalist societies to observe at least once each year an "Urban Ministry Sunday" which focuses on issues that affect the life of the city and their possible solutions which are available through revised government programs and through citizens' efforts; and
  3. Enabling the work of the Committee on Urban Concerns and Ministry and the Urban Church Coalition to make increasingly significant contributions in the name of urban dislocation; and
  4. Encouraging each member society to support the Whitney M. Young, Jr. Fund, thus enabling the UUA to develop and strengthen the Unitarian Universalist presence in the city; and
BE IT RESOLVED: That this Assembly requests the Ministry and Extension Sections of the UUA to place Ministers on Loan and experienced Extension Ministers in urban churches more frequently.

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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