United States Policy in Relation to the Israeli-Palestinian-Arab Conflict 1982 General Resolution

1982 General Resolution

WHEREAS, historic steps to end the warfare between Israel and Egypt were taken with the signing of the Camp David peace accords; and

WHEREAS, the goal of United States policy, as it approaches the remaining central issues in the Middle East, should be to encourage, in the spirit of Camp David, a comprehensive peace settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian-Arab conflict; and

WHEREAS, a comprehensive settlement must be based on the commitment of all parties to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the others and to co-exist in peace and justice with their neighbors;

BE IT RESOLVED: That the 1982 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association urges the United States Government to adopt the following guiding policies in its efforts to help achieve a comprehensive settlement and to normalize United States relations with all of the Middle East's peoples:

  1. Faithful support for the legitimacy, independence, and security of Israel;
  2. Recognition of a Palestinian right of self-determination, including a right to establish a state;
  3. Condemnation of all acts of terror, disproportionate reprisal, and attacks on civilian populations;
  4. Continued opposition to the creation and maintenance of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories and continued commitment to the United Nations Resolution 242 under which Israel should withdraw from lands conquered in 1967 and under which its right to security within its 1967 borders should be assured;
  5. Urgent efforts to end the Middle East arms race.