1979 Business Resolution

WHEREAS, the Unitarian Universalist bylaws state that our Association promotes "the full participation of persons in all of its and their activities and in the full range of human endeavor without regard to . . . age"; and

WHEREAS, our denomination profits from participation from young people to enliven and sustain our Unitarian Universalist ideals; and

WHEREAS, the 1978 General Assembly Business Resolution on youth recognized "the crucial import-ance of youth programs" and "urges that these programs be given a high priority in the formulation of UUA budgets in the immediate future so that they may receive funds sufficient to meet their legitimate needs and in fair proportion to the importance of young people to the denomination" and "calls on members of individual churches and fellowships to promote greater involvement of young people in their societies and districts" and "calls on the administration of the Association to work cooperatively with Liberal Religious Youth in developing energetic youth programs at the denominational level"; and

WHEREAS, the Continental Youth/Adult Committee and Liberal Religious Youth, who are working to teach the goals of better youth programs and youth participation in our societies, need greater support from the UUA staff, districts, professionals and lay people within our denomination;

BE IT RESOLVED: That the 1979 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association urges that efforts to better youth participation and programs be specifically supported by:

  1. Facilitating consultation, program development, resource sharing between youth and adults through interdistrict representatives, district youth/adult committees, continental district youth/adult committee conclaves, professional leaders and local society youth groups and youth programming;
  2. The UUA Board of Trustees allocating youth program funds in the spirit of the March 1979 Majority Report of the Continental Youth Adult Committee — retaining the present LRY structure, and adding an at least one half-time adult professional staff person; and
  3. Fostering of fellowship and a special sense of membership among youth and those of all ages in our denomination through intergenerational interaction and activities among all Unitarian Universalists.

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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