Social Responsibility in the Investment of Endowment Funds 1972 Business Resolution

RESOLVED: That the General Assembly recommends that the Board of Trustees:
  1. Cooperate with other religious, educational and charitable organizations in the development of programs to foster social responsibility in the investment of endowment funds and in the corporate management of companies in whose securities they invest;
  2. Support such efforts financially from the budget of the Department of Education and Social Concern;
  3. Designate as a principal priority the development of a program concerned with the role of American industry in the continuing exploitation and oppression of Blacks in Southern Africa, by means of an intensive program of education conducted by the Unitarian Universalist Association through the Department of Education and Social Concern and affiliated members; and
  4. Such efforts be undertaken with special attention to the activities of corporations in matters relating to war and peace, environmental protection and racial justice.