Resolution on Mundialization 1970 General Resolution

WHEREAS, we recognize the greatly increased interdependence of the peoples of the world, in this nuclear age;

WHEREAS, we realize that the common interests of men can only be served through world cooperation;

WHEREAS, we believe that we can best serve our local, state and national communities when we think and act as world citizens;

WHEREAS, we seek to free our kind from the curse of war, and to harness all available resources of energy and knowledge to the service of his needs; and

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED: That we, the members of the Unitarian Universalist Association, recognize the right of citizens to extend their responsibilities of citizenship beyond national boundaries;

THAT we join with other concerned peoples of the world in a declaration of world citizenship and responsibility; and

THAT we pledge our efforts as world citizens to the establishment of permanent peace based on world law, and to the use of world resources in the service of man, and not for his destruction.