Protect the Rights of Immigrants and Asylum Seekers 2019 Action of Immediate Witness

WHEREAS, the current administration of the United States government has systematically and officially prevented immigrants and asylum seekers from crossing the United States’ southern border;

WHEREAS, U.S. Government agents have illegally incarcerated immigrants lawfully seeking asylum;

WHEREAS, long term alien residents have been incarcerated without legal proceedings;

WHEREAS, families of U.S. citizens have been broken up by these unjust actions;

WHEREAS, immigrant children have been forcibly taken from their parents and detained indefinitely; and

WHEREAS, parents have been deported without their children;


That the Unitarian Universalist Association condemns the policies of the U.S. Government regarding the treatment of immigrants and asylum seekers;

That the UUA supports its members and others in their actions to protect and assist immigrants and asylum seekers in their attempts to lawfully enter and/or remain in the United States; and

That the UUA encourages its members to communicate with their Congressional representatives and condemn the policies of the Administration.