1971 General Resolution

RECOGNIZING: That the rapid increase of violent crime accompanies a vast public ignorance and prejudice about its causes and methods of correction as seen by modern experts;

NOTING: That the majority of persons arrested are males between 10-30 years suffering such social injustices as poverty, racism, poor education;

FURTHER NOTING: That public pressure for punishment has resulted in barbaric prison and jail systems productive of more crime;

BE IT RESOLVED: The General Assembly urges its members and member societies undertake programs to:

  1. Educate members and non-members on the failure and inhumanity of punishment and on existing local, state and federal detention facilities and prisons;
  2. Stimulate reforms of the present systems of criminal law and justice, giving emphasis to all rehabilitative services;
  3. Reform practices of pre-trial justice, including bail bond programs or others where local efforts can have substantial effect.

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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