Natural Resources 1966 General Resolution

RESOLVED: The Unitarian Universalist Association approves the concern of the United States Congress with an important natural resource as evidenced by the Wilderness Act of 1964, the Clean Air Act of 1964, the Clean Air Act Amendments, the Solid Waste Disposal Act of 1965, and the Water Quality Act of 1965, and recommends further legislation and administrative action providing adequate appropriations to deal with forest and wilderness area preservation, air, water and land pollution, spoliation and the disposal of sewage and industrial wastes;

FURTHER RESOLVED: That member organizations of the Unitarian Universalist Association encourage research, public education, and legislation at local, state and provincial levels, with adequate enforcement to preserve our forests and wilderness areas and curb pollution and spoliation of air, water and land by urban growth and industrialization.

The grounds for this resolution are:

  1. Pure water, pure air, open spaces and wilderness areas are precious natural resources belonging to all the people;
  2. These resources, and the health of the public, are threatened by pollution, contamination and exploitation caused by industrial and other interests in disregard of the rights of the people;
  3. Effective correction and control require government action at all levels.