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National Health Plan1971 General Resolution

CONVINCED: That a federally sponsored health insurance plan has become mandatory in view of the fact that the health care costs have continued to soar;

BE IT RESOLVED: That the Tenth General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association urges all member societies to support a National Health Act to be acted upon by the 92nd Congress of the United States, under which the federal government would provide the legislation and administrative machinery whose provisions would be identical throughout all fifty states of the union, to make certain that hospitalization and medical services and materials be made available to all;

That specifically:

  1. Adequate pre-natal, hospital and post-natal care be provided for every mother and child;
  2. Family planning, birth control, abortion services and information be made available to everyone wanting them free of charge without regard to age or marital status;
  3. Pediatric care, inclusive of all immunizations necessary, be made available to every child;
  4. Mandatory physical examinations be made of every child before entering school;
  5. Adequate health care for the physical, mental and social well-being of the elderly be made available, including provision for custodial and terminal care;
  6. All medical, psychiatric, psychological, dental, ophthalmic and other care and/or devices be provided to every person requiring them;
  7. Medical research be provided for the purpose of extending the life span of men (According to the 1970 Census, there are 74 men to every 100 women over the age of 65. We feel that medical research should investigate the reasons and possibilities of prevention of the early death of our male population.);
  8. Out-patient family health (medical and mental) clinics be available in both rural and urban areas;
  9. The federal government, in collaboration with competent medical, sociological, and educational authorities, establish a greatly expanded program of medical education, so that an adequate number of people are prepared for the medical and paramedical professions to adequately take care of the future medical needs of all our people; and
That this all inclusive health plan be financed by major federal contribution, but with participation by local government units, the private sector, and, where possible, by the individual consumer.