1973 General Resolution

WHEREAS, napalm and other incendiary weapons have been used during and since World War II; and

WHEREAS, we recognize the desirability of general and complete disarmament and the urgent need to abolish war; and

WHEREAS, we welcome the recent report of the Secretary General of the United Nations on napalm and other incendiary weapons, a report which asserts that "napalm may be one of the most lethal weapons in existence today" and that these weapons are "already the subject of widespread revulsion and anxiety"; and

WHEREAS, United Nations consultant-experts have concluded that it is necessary to develop "measures for the prohibition of the use, production, and stockpiling of napalm and other incendiary weapons";

BE IT RESOLVED: That the 1973 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association condemns the use of napalm and other incendiary weapons by the government of the United States and urges the governments of all nations to adopt policies which would lead the United Nations General Assembly to adopt a United Nations Declaration Against the Use of Napalm and Other Incendiary Weapons and request the Conference of the Committee on Disarmament or the International Committee of the Red Cross to work out further legal instruments prohibiting the production, development, and stockpiling of this class of weapons.

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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