Housing for the Homeless 1988 General Resolution

Recognizing the inherent worth and dignity of every human being, we as Unitarian Universalists hold that access to affordable, habitable housing is a fundamental right in a just society.

WHEREAS, hundreds of thousands of people are homeless and living in the streets; and

WHEREAS, current U.S. governmental policies restrict and eliminate funding that has assisted local governments and communities in developing low-cost housing; and

WHEREAS, public and private policies, such as withdrawal of funds for maintenance, upscaling of low-rent dwellings, and exclusionary zoning, are causing deterioration of affordable housing; and

WHEREAS, making needed shelter available can best be achieved by combined efforts between government and the private sector; and

WHEREAS, solutions for long-term homelessness must alleviate the growing scarcity of housing for the impoverished;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the Unitarian Universalist Association affirms access to affordable, habitable housing as a just and achievable goal and calls upon its member societies:

  1. To work to establish, strengthen, and fund programs to assist low-income individuals, families, and the homeless on local, state, provincial, and national levels;
  2. To identify and support cooperative community efforts that offer creative approaches in developing housing for the impoverished in economically integrated settings;
  3. To encourage the provision of appropriate community-based housing for disabled and chronically mentally ill persons;
  4. To work to provide not only long-term housing but also transitional housing with social services for families and individuals, as well as emergency short-term shelter that will assure safety, privacy, and dignity for persons in need;
  5. To explore and support preventive approaches to the problems of homelessness among families, the de-institutionalized, the unemployed, the disabled, the elderly, runaways, and victims of abuse; and
  6. To advocate legislation and funding at national, provincial, state, and local levels which will alleviate the immediate misery of homelessness and stem the tide of homelessness by addressing the permanent housing needs of low-income individuals and families.