Funding of Black and White Action 1970 Business Resolution

In keeping with the long-standing moral commitment of Unitarian Universalists expressed by the 1966 General Assembly in its Statement of Consensus on Racial Justice, which pledges us "to work to eliminate all vestiges of discrimination and segregation in (our) churches and fellowships. . . and to work for integration in all phases of life in the community," a pledge reaffirmed by the UUA Board of Trustees in its resolution last April expressing dismay at the "weakening of resolve" on the part of federal officials charged with enforcing school desegregation directives;

BE IT RESOLVED: The 1970 General Assembly urges its member societies and their individual members to give practical and substantial support to the efforts of BAWA to advance these goals:

  1. We acknowledge that institutional racism has degraded black and corrupted white.
  2. Whites and blacks need help from each other to meet the needs of each.
  3. We reaffirm our commitment to black empowerment as a significant means of progress for people.
  4. We applaud the self-determining act of the Black Affairs Council in going directly to the people.
  5. The Unitarian Universalist Association must take the initiative in urging our churches and fellowships to support the community action program of BAC.
  6. We have moved through the experience of being polarized. We must now be ready to initiate our role of renewed responsibility.