1976 General Resolution

Because of our concern for freedom of conscience and the respect which should be accorded all persons at time of death, and because of our belief that people should be able to choose under fair and informed circumstances funeral arrangements which are in accord with their own personal, financial, social, and spiritual needs;

THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE UUA URGES the adoption and implementation of proposed US Federal Trade Commission regulations which prohibit:

  1. Requiring caskets for immediate cremations;
  2. Misrepresenting legal or public health necessities;
  3. Disparaging the customer's concern about prices;
  4. Failing to display least expensive caskets;
  5. Obtaining custody of or embalming bodies without written or oral permission from a family member;
  6. Interfering with the customer's selection of offered items;
  7. Failing to furnish a price list of all caskets available for purchase and failing to show the price prominently on each casket displayed;
  8. Failing to furnish prior to the customer's decision an itemized price list of goods and services from which the customer is free to select only desired items.

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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