Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women 1970 General Resolution

RECOGNIZING: That women have minority status in terms of employment opportunities, legal rights, the educational system, political power, and positions of influence in religious bodies;

AWARE: That woman tend to react to their cultural image by limiting their aspirations and by forming low evaluations of their own capabilities;

OBSERVING: That profound changes are occurring in our society affecting the role of women and men, including trends toward smaller families, increased education for women, and the growing number of women in employment;

BELIEVING: That critical social problems require the full use of educated, trained womanpower in responsible positions;

BE IT RESOLVED: That the 1970 General Assembly:

  1. Urges special concern for improving the image, aspirations, and opportunities of women so that they may work together with men toward creating a more fully human society for both; and to that end changes are called for in the education and counseling of girls and boys to ensure this kind of equality;
  2. Asks for greater efforts to prevent discrimination against women in employment and to encourage the utilization of women in significant levels in business, education, and government;
  3. Calls upon the United States and Provinces of Canada to enact fair employment legislation prohibiting discrimination on account of sex where such laws do not now exist;
  4. Requests that a special effort be made in the Unitarian Universalist Association, its churches and fellowships, to place greater numbers of qualified young and mature women in policy-making positions, and to secure equal opportunities and pay for women in the ministry, religious education, and administration;
  5. Calls upon the United States Congress to pass the Equal Rights Amendment without delay and supports its ratification by the states.