Equal Rights Amendment 1977 General Resolution

WHEREAS, an amendment to the United States Constitution to provide equal rights for women has been ratified by thirty-five states; and

WHEREAS, there remain fifteen states which have not ratified the Equal Rights Amendment and three affirmative decisions by states are necessary by March 22, 1979 to complete the ratification process; and

WHEREAS, women have not achieved full equality under the law even though the principles of "liberty and justice for all" are basic to our nation; and

WHEREAS, a Constitutional amendment is a principle to which all other laws must conform and no Constitutional amendments, including the fourteenth, have consistently guaranteed women equal treatment under the law; and

WHEREAS, laws at both the state and federal level which guarantee equal rights to women can be easily revised and reversed;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the 1977 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association calls upon member societies to work for ratification and implementation of the Equal Rights Amendment. This action will include, as appropriate:

  1. Communicating with state legislators and news media emphasizing your reasons for support of ERA;
  2. Promoting study and discussion of ERA by individuals, groups, and publications;
  3. Campaigning and voting for candidates for political office, especially state legislatures, who support ERA;
  4. Raising monies and providing general support to organizations and candidates working for ratification and implementation of ERA;
  5. Minimizing economic participation in non-ratified states.