1971 General Resolution

IN VIEW OF, the widespread and serious problem of pollution of our land, air and water;

IN VIEW OF, the rapid depletion of many of our non-renewable natural resources and the dangerous exploitation of our renewable resources; and

IN VIEW OF, the declining quality of life in our towns and cities with ever increasing noise, crowding, and crime rates;

BE IT RESOLVED: The delegates at the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association gathered in Washington, DC:

  1. Urge all Unitarian Universalists individually and collectively to inform themselves about the hazards of overpopulation and pollution and to act in their personal and public lives to counteract those hazards in every way possible, and to influence others to act in the same manner;
  2. Urge all Unitarian Universalist societies which have not already done so to establish and sustain environmental protection committees, including political action groups to influence public officials and others to act in environmentally responsible ways; and
  3. Urge all Unitarian Universalists as individuals, as members of groups and as a continental denomination to press for legislation at all levels to diminish the level of pollution and to ameliorate the population problem in the hope that we may bequeath to the next generation a world ecologically stable and ethically sane.

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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