1969 General Resolution

BE IT RESOLVED: That the 1969 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association promote environmental quality control by supporting at every level applicable, and encouraging members to support, programs and legislation that would:
  1. Protect natural vegetative cover on land through government purchase of land and acquisition of easements on a greatly expanded scale, particularly in river basin watersheds; ensure effective soil conservation laws in areas already under development; require complete restoration of land that has been subjected to stripping for coal mining or any other purpose; establish a tax structure that would encourage the preservation of open space;
  2. Implement recent federal legislation by establishing stringent standards and enforceable regulations at state and federal levels to prevent contamination of all water—atmospheric, surface, and subsurface (thermal pollution must be considered a contaminant in this context);
  3. Amend the Air Pollution Act of 1967 to include effective federal air shed standards; strengthen local and regional air pollution regulations; further the study and implementation of ways to circumvent mass use of the internal combustion engine;
  4. Create standards for use of pesticides and defoliating chemicals, reducing their use to amounts deemed safe by latest scientific findings, banning their use entirely where ecological control methods can be established;
  5. Create standards for disposal of useless bulk wastes;
  6. Broaden and intensify studies of the effects of population congestion in terms of what noise, confusion, and ugliness may do to the human spirit; prepare to act on the result of these studies in ways that could include rebuilding existing cities and creating new planned ones; planning highway and transportation systems with concern for beauty and utility; setting restrictions on airport locations and on the types of planes that may be flown;
  7. Stop the manufacture, transport, and testing of chemical, biological, and radiological weapons and their use against human beings.

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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