1977 General Resolution

WHEREAS, the availability of adequate supplies of energy at a reasonable cost is essential to the welfare and future of all peoples of the world, both in developed and undeveloped countries; and

WHEREAS, current energy production is dependent upon finite resources; and

WHEREAS, unlimited growth is leading to the depletion of all natural resources, including possible sources of energy, at an unprecedented rate, the projected consequences of which will be disastrous for the world society; and

WHEREAS, all conventional processes of energy production and consumption have some environmental effects; and

WHEREAS, at present and projected use rates world supplies of petroleum and natural gas will be virtually depleted within 50 years;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the 1977 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association regards it as essential:

  1. That balanced consideration be given to the development of all alternative sources of energy and that environmental and social effects, risks, and benefits of each source be investigated by careful research and technological assessments, and the results be fully considered;
  2. That the use of oil and natural gas to generate electric energy be curtailed in order to conserve these fuels for other vital needs;
  3. That a program of energy conservation and education is necessary; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That to aid attainment of a safer and less polluting energy economy, the member societies of the Unitarian Universalist Association are hereby urged to petition their respective governments to issue appropriate regulations and to join in promoting comprehensive programs to eliminate wasteful and extravagant uses of energy; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That all Unitarian Universalist societies are urged to take those actions possible within their own budget resources to realize energy conservation within their own buildings.

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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