1967 General Resolution

WHEREAS, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) currently owns several thousand shares of stock in the Eastman Kodak Company (Kodak); and

WHEREAS, under date of December 20, 1966, a written agreement was executed by Kodak and FIGHT concerning the hiring of unemployed people; and

WHEREAS, on December 23, 1966, Kodak repudiated the written agreement dated December 20, 1966:


  1. DEPLORES the December 23, 1966 action of Kodak in repudiating the December 20, 1966 agreement signed by its negotiating team chairman and the president of FIGHT. The distress and concern of the General Assembly is based on the negation of the religious principle of respect for the integrity and dignity of persons by this action of Kodak on December 23, 1966. The principles underlying this concern are stated in the purposes and objectives of the Association as set forth in its Constitution. The negative impact of this repudiation on Rochester's growing Negro population was and is incalculable. It critically weakened the base of trust and confidence within the Rochester community. The moral issue raised by this action is far larger than the personalities and tactics of the two leaderships involved;
  2. CALLS upon Kodak to honor the principles embodied in the December 20, 1966 agreement and to move directly towards their implementation, thus honoring the integrity and dignity of both Kodak and FIGHT representatives and moving directly to develop the trust and confidence so desperately necessary within American communities today;
  3. RECOGNIZES and endorses the actions taken by the UUA Executive Committee on April 20, 1967, and the UUA Board of Trustees on May 1, 1967 in regard to this matter;
  4. CALLS upon the UUA Board of Trustees to discharge its responsibility of exercising the voting power represented by the shares of Kodak stock owned by the Unitarian Universalist Asociation in support of the Association's purposes and objectives;
  5. CALLS upon the UUA Board of Trustees therefore to cooperate with FIGHT and with groups which share our concern with this matter, including other religious bodies;
  6. CALLS upon the UUA Board of Trustees to keep our member societies and the public informed through appropriate announcements issued from time to time as to significant actions taken by the UUA in connection with this matter; and
  7. CALLS upon the Moderator and the President of the UUA to seek an audience immediately with the chairman of the Board and the President of Kodak for an explanation of the company's intentions in connection with this situation.

For more information contact socialjustice@uua.org.

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