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Cooperative Religious Program for Peace1967 Business Resolution

The Unitarian Universalist Association, believing that the religious community has a moral duty to express its judgments on the public issues of the day, pledges itself to a program aimed at:
  1. Alignment with other religious organizations to form an ethical consensus on securing peace in the world;
  2. Making a unified presentation of this consensus to the government and people of the United States, vigorously urging:
    1. negotiations to end the war in Vietnam;
    2. United States endorsement of universal membership in the United Nations;
    3. United States leadership in restricting the international use of armed force to the United Nations.
The grounds for this commitment are:
  1. The use of military power as a tool of national policy is unconscionable; it is destructive to the most durable ethical teaching of every civilized people.
  2. The specter of modern warfare is so awful that men are now impelled to realize the ideal of human brotherhood as the sole alternative to extinction.
  3. Military force should be used only upon decision of a world community, and then only as a lastresort in the resolution of disputes.