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Commission on Appraisal
Commission on Appraisal
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A Preliminary Report on Class in the Unitarian Universalist Association

The Commission on Appraisal is pleased to submit to the 2015 General Assembly:

This report is by no means finished. We are presenting it not as a complete work that is ready for publication, but rather as a summary of what we’ve learned so far, a list of many questions that remain to be answered, some thoughts on actions that we can take based on what we know now, and some recommendations for further study that might be undertaken to pursue this topic, either by the future Commission on Appraisal or by some other body.

Mission Statement

Grounded in the living tradition of our free and responsible faith, yet charged with acting independently, the Commission’s mission is to provoke deep reflection and to evoke timely, creative transformation of Unitarian Universalism, our congregations, and the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Bylaw Section of the Unitarian Universalist Association pertaining to the Commission

Section 5.8. Commission on Appraisal

The Commission on Appraisal shall consist of nine elected members. A member shall not during the term of office serve as an officer or hold a salaried position in the Association. The Commission on Appraisal shall:

  1. review any function or activity of the Association which in its judgment will benefit from an independent review and report its conclusions to a regular General Assembly;
  2. study and suggest approaches to issues which may be of concern to the Association; and
  3. report to a regular General Assembly at least once every four years on the program and accomplishments of the Association.

Commission Updates

The following documents are PDF files.

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