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Nominating Committee
Nominating Committee
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The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Nominating Committee nominates candidates for all positions elected by the General Assembly except for President and Moderator. Candidates for elected positions may also be nominated by petition.


Elections for the following positions will be held at General Assembly (GA) 2017 in New Orleans, LA. (UPDATED 2/2/2017.)

Board of Review

  • 2 open seats
  • Nominees (terms end 2025)
    • Rev. Charlie Ortman
    • Karen Hall

Board of Trustees

  • 4 open seats
  • Nominees (terms end 2020)
    • Kathy Burek
    • Rev. Manish Mishra-Marzetti
    • Christina Rivera
    • Sarah Dan Jones

Commission on Appraisal

  • 3 open seats
  • Nominees (terms end 2023)
    • Lucas Hergert
    • David Friedman
    • Holley Ulbrich

Commission on Social Witness

  • 2 open seats
  • Nominee (term ends 2021)
    • Rev. Meredith Garmon

General Assembly Planning Committee

  • 4 open seats
  • Nominees (terms end 2021)
    • Oshara Meesha
    • Tuli Patel
    • Chelsea Surfus
    • ​​Debra Gray Boyd (by petition)

Nominating Committee

  • 3 open seats
  • Nominees (terms end 2020)
    • Rev. Michael Walker
    • Rev. Joanne Giannino
    • Jessica Falconer

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Nomination Procedures

The UUA Bylaws provide for nomination of elected positions by two procedures:

  1. Nomination by the Nominating Committee
    • To be considered by the Nominating Committee, an applicant must:
  2. Petition
    • To run by petition, a candidate must:
      • Be a voting member of a UU congregation
      • Secure signatures of at least 50 members of certified UU congregations with no more than 10 from any single congregation
      • File requisite papers with the UUA Secretary by the February 1 preceding the election

People interested in running by petition have until February 1 to submit a completed petition.

The bylaws stipulate:

The Nominating Committee shall endeavor to nominate individuals so that the membership of the Board of Trustees and each elected committee reflects the full diversity of the Association, especially in regard to historically marginalized communities, but also balancing amongst size of congregation, lay and ordained, geography, age (including youth and young adults), and gender, among others. The Nominating Committee shall consult with groups and organizations including those traditionally underrepresented in Unitarian Universalist leadership, to help inform the nominating process.

To communicate directly to the Nominating Committee, nominating [at] uua [dot] org.

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