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Becoming a Unitarian Universalist Minister

Do You Feel Called to the Ministry?

Ministry is a life-changing and fulfilling profession. Serving in congregations, hospitals, the military and the community, ministers are spiritual leaders who help us explore life’s deepest questions challenge us to be our best selves.

Unitarian Universalist (UU) ministers are approved or “credentialed” for service by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). The UUA’s Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC) oversees the process of training and credentialing UU ministers. Once approved by the MFC, ministers enter into ongoing professional relationship or “fellowship” with one another and with the UUA.   

Preparation for UU Ministry

These pages describe the process of preparing for ministerial fellowship with the UUA, whether you are just beginning theological schooltransferring credentials from another religious group or seeking plural fellowship.

Stages of Preparation – Learn more about what it takes to become a UU minister.

In Care Programs—These networks for students are one of the ways UUA staff and others support those who are preparing for ministry.

Requirements for Ministerial Fellowship with the UUA

This booklet and appendix include all of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee’s requirements for fellowship:

Additional requirements from the MFC:

More Information

If you are interested in becoming a UU minister, you are encouraged to contact the UUA’s Ministerial Credentialing Office, whose staff can consult with you about your plans guide you through the process of ministerial preparation. The Ministerial Credentialing Office also works closely with the Regional Sub-Committees on Candidacy (RSCC) and the Internship Clearinghouse.

Email mco [at] uua [dot] org or call 617.949.6403.

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