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2.4 Compensation and Benefits for UUA Staff: UUA Governance Manual

With respect to employment, compensation, and benefits for Association staff, the President shall not cause or allow:

  1. An unfair or inhumane benefit structure.
  2. Conditions that jeopardize the fiscal integrity of the Association.

Further, without limiting the scope of the foregoing by this enumeration, the President shall not:

  1. Promise permanent employment.
  2. Set salaries at levels that are materially less than those paid by comparable nonprofit organizations.
  3. Provide less than a living wage to all employees.
  4. Change or administer benefits so as to cause imprudent or inequitable situations, including those that:
    1. Incur unfunded liabilities.
    2. Provide less than a resonable level of benefits to all employees.
    3. Allow any employee to lose benefits already promised.
    4. Differentiate among classes of employees.

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Last updated on Tuesday, January 21, 2014.

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