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Southern Region Staff
Southern Region Staff

We designed the Southern Region’s Primary Contact program to give every congregation a personal "go-to" contact when it needs one. This program provides each congregation a way to establish an ongoing relationship with one of the Region’s Congregational Life staff members. Your Minister or President is invited to contact your Primary Contact with any celebrations, questions or concerns.  

Find your congregation's Primary Contact.

Of course, the entire Regional staff group is ready to respond when needed, as our team members have diverse skill sets. We hope to support your ministry as a Unitarian Universalist congregation in new and valuable ways as we move our dynamic faith forward together.

Our Congregational Life Staff

Our Expanded Services

These contract services are offered by UUA staff and consultants outside of the core services (PDF) made available to congregations by virtue of membership in the Unitarian Universalist Association, and priced below market value for consulting services. Expanded services by UUA staff are offered at an additional discount to GIFT Honor congregations.

Communications & Technology: Where Servers Meet Service

Have you ever wished your congregation had a help desk? Is your administrative process diverting energy from your mission? Is your message being heard within and outside of your walls? Would it help to have a communications expert to evaluate your website, social media presence, or communications policies? Do you need a new, stunning, website with site-maintenance training for your staff or volunteers? Do you want to stream live content or develop online engagement for small group ministry? 

Your Primary Contact and our Southern Region communication specialist, Christine Purcell, will work with you to see if a quick review with some simple suggestions or a contract with the region for expanded services will help you reach your communications and technology goals.

Conflict: The Pathfinder Process

Is your congregation in conflict? Connie Goodbread, our Southern Region conflict transformation specialist, works with our regional staff and skilled, trained consultants to offer the Pathfinder Process. Each Pathfinder Process begins in covenant and is uniquely designed in partnership with the individual congregation to support conflict transformation through ministry, narrative, and learning. 

  • Ministry: sitting with and comforting those who are wounded and acknowledging the pain in the system
  • Narrative: each individual sees and experiences what has been happening in the congregation differently—open sharing of stories leads to understanding
  • Learning: naming what have we learned from this experience and identifying the tools needed to transform the congregation’s culture

The process can be completed in as few as 3 sessions, depending on the issues identified and the work that must be accomplished. We ask for a signed agreement that sets costs and dates prior to beginning the process.

Transformation is possible! Ask your Primary Contact about skilled guidance and companionship​ through our conflict transformation process.

Stewardship: Stewardship for Us

Stewardship is important to all of us. We care about our communities and our institutions, and therefore we should be effective stewards, unafraid to talk about resources and money, and able to support our values in tangible, empowering ways. Is your congregation working on strategic plans or mission and vision? Planning a stewardship drive or capital campaign? Stewardship for Us can help! Our stewardship team builds on over 20 years of stewardship consulting support, working closely with and through the UUA’s Congregational Stewardship Network and the Director of Congregational Life. 

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