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Youth Advisors

Youth advising can be one of the most rewarding, if sometimes demanding, roles you can fill as a religious leader. It may also be one of the most essential roles you could play in a youth’s life. Healthy relationships with adults help youth build the resilience they need to face life’s toughest challenges.

We're here to help you form healthy relationships and share leadership with youth, create a safe(r) youth program and provide appropriate pastoral care and interventions when your teens are in need.  Our resouces can help you create an inclusive youth ministry, bring thoughtful, skilled communication to planning, leading, and facilitating in a youth ministry context and function well on a team. You'll also find major models and contents of youth programming and ways to develop your self-knowledge and presence as you companion youth on the spiritual journey.

Get the Basics

Youth advisors are adults aged 25 and older who are part of their congregation’s ministry to and with youth. You could be a religious education teacher, a youth program coordinator, an Our Whole Lives teacher, a Coming of Age mentor or a Bridging mentor.

Make sure you have a copy of Youth Ministry Advising: A Complete Guide, your go-to resource that answers questions like “how do we start a youth ministry program?”,  “how do we keep our teens safe?” and “how do I get support as an advisor?”

Our Competencies for Ministry to/with Youth can help you take stock of how you and your team are doing, and where you need to go. Learn about the eight competencies and how to use them by watching this Youth Advising Competencies Webinar. Find useful resources on the competencies and many helpful webinars by visiting the Faith Development Webinars page.

Wherever you are in the process of building a youth ministry program, check out the Stay in the Know, Get Started, and Build and Sustain pages for communications, structure, and programming resources for your congregation. If you have a project idea but need financial support to get it off the ground, check out Grants and Funding Support.

Join the Advisor-L email distribution list for youth advisors to share ideas, ask questions and discuss youth ministry.

Further your Knowledge and Skills

Districts, regions and the Unitartian Universalist Association (UUA) offer webinars throughout the year on various topics related to youth ministry and advising. Districts and regions also offer their own in-person training and gatherings. Ask your district or regional staff how to host a Chrysalis training for advisors and youth or a Ministry with Youth Renaissance Module.

Learn strategies and techniques for including youth with special needs on our page, Including People with Special Needs in Religious Education Learn about ministry with youth of color and LGBT* youth on the Identity-Based Resources page. Consider joining small group ministry to meet your spiritual needs outside of youth group.

Now that you've got the basics, do some exploring! Hear about how one congregation incorporates youth ministry and programming into everything they do. Investigate a great way to use pop-culture in a curriculum about spirituality.

Keep Youth Ministry Safe

Growing, healthy teens depend on adults to maintain a safe environment. Become familiar with your congregation’s Safe Congregations policy which will outline what you need to do to ensure the safety of the youth you work with.

Co-create a covenant with your youth group so people understand and can practice how they aspire to be together. Ask your religious educator or minister for your congregation’s behavioral guidelines and code of ethics to ensure all participants follow rules and understand consequences. (As examples, the UUA uses these behavioral guidelines and code of ethics for their events.)

Know your obligation as a mandatory reporter and have a conversation with your religious educator or minister about your role in pastoral care for youth.

Support Youth Leaders

We think our youth are our present, not just our future. We value youth leadership at all levels of our movement. Encourage youth leadership in your congregation. Help your youth get connected to trainings and events so they can hone their leadership skills and meet other youth leaders. Encourage a youth leader in your life to join the Luminary Leaders program and write an endorsement for them.

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