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Resources for UU Youth
Faith Development, High School-Aged Youth Faith Development

Here are some extra resources for UU youth and those who work with them.


  • Youth Ministry Advising: A Complete Guide
    A must-have resource for adults working with youth in UU congregations. Offers guidance, program ideas and tips for creating and maintaining youth programs within congregations. This resource includes information on building safe community, supporting youth leaders, structuring a program and more.
  • When Youth Lead
    Offers guidance, suggestions and advice for constructing and maintaining a healthy and spiritually vital youth ministry. Seeing youth as equal participants in congregational life, this book demonstrates how teens are an enormous generative force for our faith communities and how adults have much to learn from youth about passion, friendship, discrimination, equality, faith and more.
  • Full Circle: Fifteen Ways to Grow Lifelong UUs
    Katie Tweedie Covey (Erslev), a lifelong UU, surveyed and interviewed 82 people from ages 25 to 87 who were raised as UUs. She identifies fifteen common threads as critical to their commitment to their faith. An excellent Unitarian Universalist-specific resource on building multigenerational community.

Youth Ministry Advising:
A Complete Guide

Youth Ministry Advising: A Complete Guide covers broad-ranging topics including ways to recruit and support youth advisors, the nuts and bolts of youth group management, the role of youth in advisors creating a safe space, leadership training, and programming and project ideas.

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