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Small Group Ministry
Small Group Ministry
Faith Development, Adult Faith Development

Also known as "covenant groups” and “chalice circles,” Small Group Ministry is a vital part of many Unitarian Universalist(UU) congregations. Groups of 10-12 people meet regularly, usually monthly, to reflect on and discuss significant life topics.

Small groups are great places to get to know other people and to get to know yourself. Over time, participants build deep connections with one another, with the congregation and with the sacred.

Whether the topic is “good and evil,” “mindful living” or “letting go,” the conversation is respectful and caring and leads to greater understanding. In each session, facilitated by a member of the congregation, all participants have opportunity to share their perspectives, tell their stories, and listen deeply. The time together is structured: Groups begin and end with centering readings and often include a time of silence before the sharing begins. Many small groups engage in annual service projects, putting their faith into action.

Most Small Group Ministries have an “open enrollment” time once or twice a year, and request a commitment of one year or more. Contact a congregation near you to find out about their Small Group Ministries. 

More resources are available from the UUA Bookstore:

Small Group Ministry for Men

Bill Hamilton-Holway, Tony Bushman
From Skinner House Books

Covenant group ministry session plans, with hands-on activities for participants.

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