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Ask for the Gift

Each congregation's resources for a Planned Giving program will be different; for instance a congregation of 500 members has different resources than does a congregation of 55. Whatever your circumstances, the most important things to do are these:

  • Identify at least 10 people you can visit and ask for a planned gift this year.
  • Identify 10 more people you will visit and ask for a planned gift this year or next. 
  • Encourage everyone to complete a legal Will and include a gift to our UU future

You may want to create a brochure outlining the purposes of your endowment fund and highlighting ways to support it. The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) planned giving office has a selection of brochures that other congregations have created. Just remember, people give to people and to something they care about deeply. A brochure alone, no matter how well conceived, will not bring in gifts. You will. It is always good practice to make your own contribution before you ask someone else to give.

Whatever written materials, bulletin boards, announcements during Sunday services you do manage to pull off, don't forget to ask for the gift. If you ask, you will receive.

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