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Renaissance Program

The Renaissance Program is a major component of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Religious Education (RE) Credentialing program. Each module provides standardized basic training in a specific area useful to religious educators. The following modules may be used in any order:

  • Administration as Leadership
  • Adult Faith Development and Programming
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Ministry with Youth
  • Multicultural Religious Education
  • Philosophy of Religious Education
  • Teacher Development
  • Unitarian Universalist History
  • Unitarian Universalist Identity
  • Unitarian Universalist Theology (Spring 2017)
  • Worship

Renaissance Modules

Explore the components of each Renaissance module on the Renaissance module resources page. Some modules are available in online or hybrid formats


Modules are designed to accommodate between 10 to 24 participants. Renaissance Modules are open to all those interested in religious education leadership including seminary students, parish ministers, RE committee members and other volunteers. Preference is given to religious educators if the workshop is oversubscribed. Congregations suppoort the Religious Educator by providing funding for registration and time off to attend.

Planning a Renaissance Module

Renaissance modules are usually offered by regional staff or by summer camps or conference centers; they can also be offered by individual or clusters of congregations or professional associations such as Liberal Religious Educators or Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA). If you are interested in sponsoring a Renaissance module, please contact the renaissance [at] uua [dot] org (Renaissance Office).

The UUA will provide names of qualified leaders and program materials, while the sponsoring group is responsible for registrations, publicity, local arrangements for hosting the module as well as leader expenses. Many of the modules require reading and preparation in advance and is the responsibility of each participant to complete.  This information can be found in the Module Resources section.

At least six months before the anticipated date of the module, read the Renaissance Module Planning Guide (PDF) and consider the following items a priority:

  • Identify which of the available modules you wish to offer
  • Set the date and secure a module location
  • Establish a planning group that will give the needed support
  • Identify and confirm two Leaders 
  • Designate a Coordinator
  • Contact the Renaissance Program Office with any questions.


The cost of a Renaissance module is shared by the participants and the sponsoring group. Details of the cost breakdown are in the planning guide. The registration fee is determined by the local planning committee, based on its estimates of the conference costs. The conference budget must include:

  • Honoraria for the leaders
  • Meals and accommodations
  • Leader expenses including travel and accommodations.


When a participant has completed five modules, (75 hours of Renaissance training) the Renaissance Program will send a Letter of Recognition and a Renaissance pin, in appreciation of the time that has been given in the service of quality religious education for our children, youth and adults. A participant may include these five modules and any additional modules toward completion of any level in the Religious Education Credentialing Program.


It is strongly recommended that congregations give financial support to a Religious Educator who is attending on their behalf. Some regional or professional organizations have funds available for scholarships; please contact your representative to learn more. For questions about other possible funding for professional development, contact the UUA’s Professional Development Associate for Religious Education and Music Leaders at recredentialing [at] uua [dot] org.

Becoming a Renaissance Leader

The usual path to becoming a Renaissance Leader is:

  • As a participant, take the Renaissance Module you are interested in leading
  • Apply to become a Leader-in-Training (LIT):
    • Complete a self-assessment using the Leader-in-Training evaluation form (the form is designed as an “after” module evaluation and is also used for the initial self-assessment.)
    • Obtain a recommendation from regional staff or LREDA chapter leadership; someone who is familiar with your work as a leader or facilitator.  The recommendation should include information such as how long they’ve known you, in what capacity, and why they think you’d be a strong leader. Recommendation should be sent with “Leader-in-Training Endorsement” in the subject line to renaissance [at] uua [dot] org
  • Once all application materials are submitted, the LIT goes on the Leader-in-Training list and waits for an opportunity to be placed with an experienced leader as modules are scheduled.
  • Once LIT has co-led a module, the experienced leader completes the LIT evaluation form and feedback is provided to the LIT. Depending on feedback from leader and from participants, an additional placement as LIT may be required. 
  • With a successful evaluation, LIT gets placed on the leader list.

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