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The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) website averages over four thousand visitors a day. Every week, about five thousand people perform a search for a congregation! is one of our most important tools for introducing seekers to Unitarian Universalism.

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Often these common plugins are already installed on your computer, but downloading the latest versions may help you enjoy all that has to offer.

  • Our site performs best with Javascript enabled.
  • Video: our streaming video requires Macromedia Flash and Javascript. When copyright allows, we also offer our video in downloadable, cross-platform MP4 format.
  • Audio: we offer audio in MP3 format, which can be played on iTunes or almost any audio player.
  • Documents: all Office documents (Word, Excel, etc.) are also available as PDF files, which can be viewed with the free Nitro PDF Reader.

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We monitor the use of our site closely, so we can make informed decisions about improvements to our usability and design. We use Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, surveys, feedback forms, and other tools to help us understand how well our site works for you.


  • Roughly 51% of the visitors to our home page are first-time visitors to
  • Our most popular page (after our home page) is the Find a Congregation Search Results page, accounting for over 4% of our page views.
  • The Tapestry of Faith area of our site accounts for over 17% of our total traffic.
  • The next most popular area is the newcomers site (Beliefs & Principles), drawing about 14% of our page views.
  • Web search engines account for over 56% of our traffic (about 23% of our visitors come directly to our site, and 18% by referral).
  • Search terms that lead people to us are primarily variations on Unitarian, Universalist, or UUA. Searches including the keyword "justice" account for almost 10,000 visits/year.
  • The most common searches performed on our site are for (variations on) General Assembly, WorshipWeb, Transitions, and Tapestry of Faith.
  • Facebook accounts for about 18% of the links that send people to
  • After English, the most common language setting of our visitors is Chinese, accounting for 0.7% of our traffic. Spanish follows, at 0.25%.
  • Our visitors are using the following browsers/operating systems:
    1. Internet Explorer / Windows (22.34%)
    2. Chrome / Windows (16.90%)
    3. Safari /Macintosh (16.08%)
    4. Firefox / Windows (13.93%)
    5. Safari / iOS (12.10%)
    6. Android Browser / Android (4.41%)
    7. Firefox / Macintosh (4.28%)
    8. Chrome /Macintosh (3.59%)
    9. Safai (in-app) / iOS (1.51%)
    10. Chrome / Android (0.67%)

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