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Board and President Appointed Committees

The following Committees of the Board are defined in the Bylaws:

  • Audit Committee: Consists of the Financial Advisor, member of Finance Committee, and three members who are not on the Board or Staff. Oversees the annual audit of the financial statements of the Association by an independent certified public accounting firm, and monitors accounting policies and internal controls.
  • Executive Committee: Consists of the Moderator, First Vice Moderator, Secretary, Financial Advisor, and Chair of the Finance Committee. The Executive Committee can act for Board between regular meetings on current and ordinary matters, or on pressing business. It also adjudicates election appeals.
  • Finance Committee: Consists of the Financial Advisor, Treasurer, five trustees not serving on the Investment Committee, and the Moderator (without vote). The Finance Committee prepares annual budgets and submits them to the Board, provides recommendations on major financial policies (except for investments), reviews the use of funds, and recommends long range financial plans.
  • Investment Committee: Oversees the investments of the Association, subject to control by the Board.
  • Ministerial Fellowship Committee: Oversees ministerial credentialing and fellowship.
  • Religious Education Credentialing Committee: Oversees credentialing of religious education professionals.

Additional Board committees and working groups may be established as needed by the Board. Current Board committees and working groups include the following:

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