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Board Meeting Dates

The Board of Trustees has a monthly two-hour conference call and four major meetings per year. Agendas, meeting packets, minutes and reports and reports are available online.

The Board of Trustees normally meets as follows in January and April:

  • Thursday: Morning—Board Retreat; Afternoon—Board Meeting
  • Friday: Board Meeting
  • Saturday: Board Meeting
  • Sunday: Board Meeting

In June, the Board meets before and after the General Assembly. The schedule allows Board member participation in Unitarian Universalist (UU) University and UU Ministers Association (UUMA) Ministry Days. Working groups normally do not meet at the June meeting. In election years (odd years), newly elected trustees must attend Anti-Racism / Anti-Oppression training for leaders following General Assembly.

In October of odd-numbered years (2015, 2017…) the Board meeting is preceded by a retreat for new board members beginning on Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • January 2014, San Diego
    Thursday, January 23 - Sunday, January 26
  • April 2014, Boston, MA
    Thursday, April 10 - Sunday April 13
  • June 2014, Providence, RI
    Tuesday, June 24 - Wednesday, June 25: Board of Trustees Meeting
    Wednesday, June 25 - Sunday June 29: General Assembly
    Monday, June 30: Board of Trustees Meeting
  • October 2014, Boston, MA
    Thursday, October 16 - Sunday, October 19
  • January 2015, Boston, MA
    Thursday, January 15 - Sunday, January 18
  • March 2015, Alabama
    Wednesday, March 4 - Sunday, March 8
    (There will not be an April 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting.)
  • June 2015, Portland, OR
    Tuesday, June 23 - Wednesday, June 24: Board of Trustees Meeting
    Wednesday, June 24 - Sunday June 28: General Assembly
    Monday, June 29: Board of Trustees Meeting
  • October 2015, Boston, MA
    Thursday, October 15 - Sunday, October 18

For more information contact administration @

This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Wednesday, August 6, 2014.

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