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The four YA@GA staff from General Assembly 2015

Young Adults at General Assembly

Young Adults at General Assembly (YA@GA) represent a range of experiences and identities. We are college students; we are young professionals. We are lifelong Unitarian Universalists (UUs); we are newcomers to the faith. We are single; we are partnered; we have children. We are thoroughly involved in this religious movement; we may want to be; we may not know how to be.  All of us are committed to Unitarian Universalism and to its growth and vitality in the world.

In previous years young adults formed a caucus at GA, but in 2014 we shifted toward “Young Adults at General Assembly” or YA@GA.  To learn more about this transition and the opportunities for young adults to participate at GA, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Read our Blue Boat blog post.

Our YA@GA team is almost complete, but we still need a Community Engagement Coordinator (pdf).  The last day to send in applications is Sunday November 15th.  Read the description and application process (pdf)!

2016 YA@GA Leaders

These young adults were elected to serve as Co-Facilitators:

  • Ayla Halberstadt
  • Cameron Young

To contact the YA@GA leaders, please email youngadults [at] uua [dot] org.


Several forms of financial aid and scholarships are available to young adults needing assistance in attending General Assembly. Volunteers have their registration paid in exchange for a number of volunteer hours at GA. General GA scholarships are available and young adult specific scholarships are also available; applicants are considered for both scholarship programs through their one application form. Both scholarship and volunteer applications are accepted March 1 through March 31.


Information about housing at GA, including hotels, home hospitality, and an email list to assist with finding roommates can be found at the General Assembly Housing page.

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