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Young Adults at General Assembly

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The four YA@GA staff from General Assembly 2015

UPDATE June 15, 2020

Our Young Adult programming will look different this year, as we transition to a virtual General Assembly. Part of that is the medium, part of that is the moment we find ourselves in as a global community, and part of that is a decision by our YA@GA staff to step away from leading programming.

Typically, the YA@GA team agrees to their roles, with the understanding that their travel, registration, room, and board is covered by the GA Planning Committee and the UUA. Amidst the shift to a virtual format, with those typical benefits unavailable, and as many roles and programs for GA changed, the YA@GA team sought comparable compensation to continue to plan, adjust, and run a new virtual program for Young Adults. Given the low level of stipend and support that was available for Virtual GA from the GAPC and the UUA, the team decided not to continue in their roles. You can find their statement here: Youth & YA Statement (YouTube).

We know this decision comes within a larger context, of how young people are equitably valued within our denomination, what work is done for compensation, and what is fair to expect of volunteers. We know this is work still ahead of us as we transform as an institution. For the time being, the UUA Office of Lifespan Faith Engagement (that holds part of our Association’s ministries to youth and young adults, alongside Congregational Life regional staff and UU College of Social Justice) will be working within its capacity to support young people who show up to GA. Here are some specifics about young adult spaces at GA:

  1. Young Adult Drop-in Space: Getting Oriented – Thursday, June 25th, 7:30 p.m. EST / 1:30 p.m. HST – Get oriented to General Assembly business, what’s available for young adults, and how YA@GA looks different this year. But most importantly, come to commiserate and connect with young adult UUs from around the globe! Led by Rev. Stevie Carmody.

  2. Synergy Bridging Service – Friday, June 26th, 6 p.m. EST / noon HST – Come to worship and honor the transition from youth to young adulthood, reflecting on how we work towards a multigenerational faith community. Friday, June 26th, 6 p.m. EST / noon HST. Read more about Synergy Bridging. Led by Rev. Sara Green, Anna Bethea, & Rev. Stevie Carmody.

  3. Thrive YA@GA – Friday, June 26th, 7:30 p.m. EST / 1:30 p.m. HST – This space is for young adults of color. We’ll share stories of all kind, get connected to work and resources happening across our association, and connect in spirit. Led by Rev. Sara Green.

  4. Young Adult Drop-in Space: Charting A Course – Saturday, June 27th, 7:30 p.m. – Come talk about possible futures for UU young adult ministry, as we engage with how our spirituality and faith shows up on the streets, around the dinner table, and outside of typical congregational contexts. Led by Rev. Stevie Carmody.

In light of these adjustments, we will not be offering the "Climate Justice as Young Adult Ministry" workshop that was open to the wider General Assembly. We’re excited to keep exploring these themes of how our activism and our spiritual lives grow together, but don’t have the capacity for a full workshop at this time.

Young Adults at General Assembly (YA@GA) exists to support, connect and transform young adults and folks of all generations at UUA General Assembly. We do this work through workshops, worships and informal gatherings geared toward young adults, multigenerational programming designed to bring us together across generations, and opportunities for older adults to learn from young adults. We work hard to support young adults who experience marginalization and oppression or just get overwhelmed at GA, to connect folks to the spirit, to our faith and to each other, and to transform ourselves and our larger UU community.

We know that young adults come to General Assembly with a range of experiences and identities. We are college students; we are young professionals. We are lifelong Unitarian Universalists (UUs); we are newcomers to the faith. We are single; we are partnered; we have children. We are thoroughly involved in this religious movement; we may want to be; we may not know how to be. To learn more about the history and current opportunities for young adults to participate at GA, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Our Staff

The YA@GA team is led by two co-facilitators who serve staggered two-year terms. Each year there are 2-3 additional staff on the team, who are selected through an application process in the fall. The staff spend the year working with the UUA Office of Lifespan Faith Engagement to prepare workshops, worships, informal gatherings, and the Synergy bridging service. The team has their travel, room, board, & registration covered by the UUA and grants from the General Assembly planning committee.

Meet our YA@GA 2020 staff members!


Update May 15th, 2020: The scholarship & volunteer application period has been extended. Apply soon!

Several forms of financial aid and scholarships are available to young adults needing assistance in attending General Assembly. Volunteers have their registration paid in exchange for a number of volunteer hours at GA. General GA scholarships are available and young adult specific scholarships are also available; applicants are considered for both scholarship programs through their one application form.

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Information about housing at GA - including hotels, home hospitality, and an email list to assist with finding roommates—can be found at General Assembly Housing.

Rev. Erik Martinez Resly talks about building community through arts at the YA@GA sponsored program "GA Talks."

Two young adults stand behind a podium with the UUA logo on the front. A young man gestures toward the bandana tied onto a young woman's neck.

YA@GA's 2014 co-facilitators model the fashionable light blue handkerchiefs they wore during GA to remain visible to others as YA@GA staff.