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Campus Ministry

The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries' campus ministry efforts are currently focused on supporting and growing successful programs and helping new ones get off the ground. We promote a vision of campus ministry as part of the mission of local congregations, assisted by district and national support.

We acknowledge that the students that campus ministry serves are in different life phases and that not all campus ministries are regularly meeting groups. We embrace the ebb and flow in both size and existence of campus groups, recognizing that this specific and changing constituency allows us to cater our ministry to those it is serving now.

For more information, contact ya-cm @

General Information

  • Stay in the Know—Tune in to these email lists, blogs, Facebook pages, webinars, and conference calls that connect you to the wider campus ministry community.
  • Get Started—Take first steps in establishing your campus ministry that will set you up for success.
  • Build and Sustain Your Campus Ministry—Increase the impact, breadth and depth of your established campus ministry and make sure it is sustainable.

Program Ideas

  • Levels of Engagement (PDF, 6 pages)—Find the level of campus ministry engagement that works for you. Not all campus ministries are groups that meet every week; some are simple acts of support that happen twice a year.
  • Small Group Ministry—Discover and re-imagine the most popular format for campus ministry group meetings.
  • Our Whole Lives (OWL) (PDF, 4 pages)—Adapt the Our Whole Lives comprehensive sexuality education curriculum to your college community. For more general information on OWL, refer to the Religious Education page on the curricula.
  • Social Justice on Campus—Go on an alternative spring break trip! Stand on the Side of Love by becoming involved in area events or starting your own Standing on the Side of Love chapter.
  • Interfaith—Form an interfaith group to develop your own faith identity when there is a drought of Unitarian Universalists on your campus. Or, grow and thrive your campus ministry group through interfaith engagement.
  • Campus Ministry for One—Connect with a community of Unitarian Universalists and continue to develop your faith identity—even when you’re the only Unitarian Universalist at your school.

For more information contact ya-cm @

This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Thursday, December 5, 2013.

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