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What is Growth?

There are many ways to describe congregational growth. An enduring means is the four types of growth devised by Ted Buckle and popularized by Loren Mead in his book More Than Numbers: the Way Churches Grow. These types of growth are:

  • numerical—the number of people attending worship and programs, or number of members
  • maturational—the spiritual maturity of each member
  • organic—a congregation's ability to maintain its health and engage the world
  • incarnational—making real and living our values in the world

As Unitarian Universalists, we work together in a voluntary covenant with other congregations.  As such, we grow and learn best when we work together.  We celebrate innovating growth work of UU congregations through Breakthrough Congregations.

Congregation Sizes

Growth looks different in congregations of different sizes. The resources below are organized based on adult congregational attendance:

Topics and Resources

As your congregation grows, things will change – some automatically and some will require intentional adjustments.  For support, advice, and encouragement along the way, join the conversations below or speak with your Regional staff team.

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