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Annual Program Fund

Congregational Giving to the UUA via the Annual Program Fund and GIFT

APF Presentation at General Assembly

Annual Program Fund

We give so that our spirits will be enriched by the practice of generosity in community, and so that Unitarian Universalism can flourish.

The Annual Program Fund (GIFT in the Southern Region) is the primary source of funding for the Unitarian Universalist Association.

The bylaws of the Unitarian Universalist Association state: “A congregation becomes a member upon acceptance by the Board of Trustees of the Association of its written application for membership in which it subscribes to the principles of and pledges to support the Association.” Our principles and purposes close with this promise: “As free congregations we enter into…covenant, promising to one another our mutual trust and support.” 

We give so that all of our congregations are positioned to transform their communities, so that our religious leaders can innovate and inspire, and so that our collective voice can be amplified to bring more justice to the world so in need of our healing message. We give to support congregations other than our own, investing in and strengthening the presence of Unitarian Universalism: a concrete expression of our interconnectedness. We expect that our congregations will support our larger faith, as support for the Annual Program Fund makes that covenant real among us promising “mutual trust and support.”

It is the Annual Program Fund which allows the people of our Association to serve the people of our Association. When we are asked to support the APF, it is our neighboring congregations who ask this of us. When we support our APF, we are supporting congregations in our own districts, regions, and far beyond. This is what we do for one another, and in so doing, we strengthen our faith’s reach.

Our understanding of the Annual Program Fund cannot simply be transactional; it must be grounded in a fundamental identity of who we are as religious people: grateful, generous, and in right relationship with each other and the world. We are congregations in covenant.

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